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Aug 25, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. and all of a sudden, everyone is working together. i mean, you had rhetoric of president obama, you know, criticizing bp. you had bp saying, "oh no, we're going to make this right." you had republicans saying, "oh, the president should be doing more." so you had this tv sort of debate, the same noise you would see in any other story juxtaposed with these terrible oil-soaked pelican pictures from the gulf, when in fact the city is just reaping this bounty. >> you say bp, british petroleum, put together a beltway dream team that included republican super lobbyists like ken duberstein, democratic super lobbyist tony podesta, former vice president cheney's one time spokeswoman anne womack-kolton, republican flacks like john feehery and democratic flacks like steve mcmahon and mcmahon's business partner, the republican media guru alex castellanos, who's a contributor to cnn. >> yes. mcmahon is on msnbc so it's very bipartisan that way too. >> and mcmahon, the democrat and castellanos the republican are partners in a firm called purple strategies. bp hires them to spearhead this $50 million t
Aug 19, 2013 9:00pm PDT
the architect behind the obama campaign's skillful organizing of students and volunteers. today, marshall ganz is a founder of the leading change network, a global community of organizers, educators and researchers mobilizing for democracy. you'll find more of his experience and philosophy in this book, "why david sometimes wins" marshall ganz, it's good to meet you. >> marshall ganz: it's good to meet you, bill. >> bill moyers: stories have been a powerful part of your life. where did that come from? why stories? >> marshall ganz: first of all, i grew up in stories. my father's a rabbi. and i grew up with the exodus story as a child. and i was always puzzled by the fact that, you know, they said that at a certain point you were slaves in egypt. i'd never been a slave or been to egypt, they'd say to the children. and, but then i came to realize that what it meant was the story really wasn't the property of one people, time, or place. and then out to the farm workers. and we're in the religious narrative. i mean, one of my first assignments in the farm workers was to organize a march from delan
Aug 11, 2013 9:00am PDT
in the minimum wage that president obama proposed in his state of the union message, they will still be faring less well than their counterparts did 50 years ago. >> that's right. >> what does that say to you? >> the peak for the minimum wage in terms of its real purchasing power was 1968. it's been basically declining with a couple of ups and downs ever since. so, that if you adjust for the current price, the minimum wage was about $10.50 roughly, back in 1968 in terms of what it could buy. and it's $7.25 today in terms of what it can buy. so, you've taken the folks at the bottom, the people who work hard, full-time jobs, and you've made their economic condition worse over a 50-year period, while wealth has accumulated at the top. what kind of a society does this? and then the arguments have come out, which are in my profession, a major staple for many careers, are arguments that, "gee, if you raise the minimum wage, a few people who might've otherwise gotten a job won't get it because the employer doesn't want to pay the higher wage." well, if that logic is really going to play in your mind,
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
in the uprising. >> it delays any kind of resolution an increase is a polarization. >> the obama administration gives more than $1 billion in aid. >> we have serious interests in egypt and that part of the world. this is a very complicated problem. >> complicated in part because it could jeopardize efforts to fight terrorism in the region and affect peace agreements with israel. >> our concern is whether it is in compliance with the law and will it get us closer to seeing an outcome in egypt that we would like to see? >> the white house is considering delivering military helicopters as well as other aspects of the defense relationship. also added that the responsibility lies with the egyptian people. >> one day after the ravens completed the third and final open practices of training camp, they're back at work in owings mills this afternoon. that is where we find the ravens and gerry sandusky. where the phasing down of camp begins, and the ratcheting up of intensity continues. the third preseason game is straight ahead on thursday night. the carolina panthers are arguably the most important of
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)